During your stay in Parga you can visit the archaeological, historical and cultural sites.


The medieval castle of Parga

The medieval castle of Parga which survives today was built to protect the city was exposed to the sea from the Raiders. Built for the third and last of the residents with the help of the Venetians in 1792. Wander the streets and feel to travel in time.


The castle of Anthousa

This fortress was built during the Turkish by Ali Pasha to lay siege to Parga and is still maintained in good condition. The old monastery Vlachernon Parga Ionian style with unknown year of establishment.


Ancient Nicopolis

Ancient Nicopolis, founded by Octavian in 31 BC. In the archaeological site you can see the Odeon, Roman theater, Northern Baths and monument was later ordered by Octavian and dedicated to Apollo of Actium, the war Mars and Neptune.


The springs of Acheron

The springs of Acheron at Glyki (where according to mythology, were the gates of Hades) and the famous gorge of Scala Tzavellainas.


The Ancient Oracle

The Ancient Oracle situated on the shores of Lake Acherousian, which was entering the world of souls. Here guests after appropriate ritual communicate with the souls of their loved ones.


The mouth of the Acheron

The mouth of the Acheron, a suitable place for kayaking..


The rock Zalogo

The rock Zalogo the monument to the heroic women of Souli that in 1803 not to fall into the hands of enemies, after first threw their children from the rock and then fell the same.